Why Do We Celebrate Presidents Day?

Why do we celebrate Presidents Day?

President’s Day is a federal holiday that is also called Washington’s Birthday. It honors the first president of our country.Unofficially, George Washington’s birthday had been celebrated since the 1790s but it was codified by an act of Congress in 1879, and it became George Washington’s birthday, said Dr. Timothy Hemmis, assistant professor of American History at Texas A&M Central Texas.

The original celebration occurred on February 22, the date that became known as George Washington’s birthday after the British authorities changed the calendar. Washington was actually born on February 11, 1732. However, the British Empire, because he was born in the colonies, the British Empire switched calendars and ended up shifting 11 days,” said Dr. Hemmis.

Why Do We Celebrate Presidents Day

Does Presidents Day celebrate all presidents?

On Monday, the holiday is now a celebration of all U.S. presidents’ birthdays and lives. Presidents Day is usually celebrated in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country with public events.

Is Presidents Day a government holiday?

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As previously said, there is no official government holiday known as President’s Day; however, Washington’s Birthday is recognized annually on the third Monday in February. It falls on Monday, February 17, this year, 2023. The dates until 2024 are as follows:

2021: Monday, February 15

2022: Monday, February 21

2023: Monday, February 20

2024: Monday, February 19

What’s Closed on Presidents Day?

Even though President’s Day isn’t usually on the list of paid holidays for small business workers, many workers in other fields get the day off. TIME says that the following places of business are always closed on Presidents Day:

  • Banks
  • Post offices
  • Government offices
  • The stock market and related financial firms
  • Public schools and universities